About Me

Welcome to my blog! I am currently a senior at the University of Oregon majoring in public relations. I come from a long history of small family owned businesses in the automotive industry and I hope to pursue my goal of becoming a small business owner in the future. I’ve had experience with micro-finance and have exercised my public relations skills by not only managing social media, but writing press releases for my family company as well. I enjoy sharing interpersonal relationships with customers and the closeness that small businesses experience within the community.

After working for my family’s automotive shop as an administrative assistant during the summer of 2011, I realized I have a serious passion for customer service. I learned how to account for daily income as well as inventory, but what I found most enjoyable was conversing with customers. I enjoy the intimate relationship that small businesses are able to share with the community. My experience working for my family business led me to strive towards owning my own business one day. My industry of interest, however, had not become clear to me until September 2014. I have decided to use my life-long knowledge of the automotive industry and apply it to the skill set that I have learned at the University of Oregon. An education in public relations gives me a fresh take on the automotive industry and I will use my degree to expand my family business.




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