Cannabis Connection

I am from a place called Humboldt County, California. My hometown is known as the “Napa Valley of Marijuana.” Pot is a huge industry throughout my county as well as Trinity and Mendocino counties as well. I do not consider myself an advocate for the use or legalization of marijuana whatsoever, but I have seen some positive elements this black market industry contributes to our small-town economy. For example, my family’s small business has many customers who are involved with the production of marijuana. Most of these people are genuine and friendly; not to mention they tend to spend increasingly large amounts of money each visit. Cash is cash, right? The marijuana industry fuels our economy, like it or not. Recent article by the Huffington Post, “How Cannabis Tech Will Push Better Food Production Forward,” discusses a new pesticide company called EdenShield and the positive effects its product can have on food production. The product that EdenShield created acts as a bug confuser. It doesn’t kill them, it merely masks the scent of the plant so they do not know which direction it is. When they can’t find the food source, they leave. This product has not been approved for use yet, but it immediately spurred the interest of cannabis producers. Since cannabis is an illegal substance, EdenShield’s unapproved product is viable for use. Cannabis producers have seen positive results so far and see future promise for this new product. In the world of agriculture, food companies will have to wait until it is approved by the FDA before administering the use of EdenShield products. From a public relations standpoint, I would be thrilled with the positive results EdenShield is seeing from the cannabis industry; however, I would be somewhat worried that the reputation of being a “grower’s tool” would limit the popularity among food producers. One one hand, cannabis is a growing industry and EdenShield would succeed if it stuck to it’s current audience of marijuana producers. On the other hand, the product was not created specifically for marijuana, so why limit the company to such a narrow audience? If I worked for EdenShield, it would be tough to decide whether you market the fact that the product has been so successful in a black market industry or not. EdenShield wants to show its authority and credibility by proving the success of the product. Will some people be turned off by the fact that the success was with a banned substance? This is something to consider.


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