The agriculture industry has been important to me ever since  I can remember. I have been involved with organizations such as 4-H and Future Farmers of America (FFA) since I was ten years old and have dedicated nearly ten years of my life to leadership roles and raising animals. Below are a couple pictures of my experiences. On the right, my 1,400 pound steer Top Gun and I are in the show ring at the county fair. On the left, my fellow FFA Officers and I are at a regional leadership conference for FFA. Now I am a senior at the University of Oregon majoring in public relations. I have left my agricultural background behind and entered a new industry of interest: public relations. I am dedicating this blog to combining my two areas of passion.

Agriculture is often under-represented in the news. It’s just not as interesting as the wild police chases or shocking scandals that we see on a daily basis. I, however, find agriculture incredily fascinating. Not many people realize that agriculture is literally the foundation for life regardless of where you live. Without it, the 7 billion people who currently call this earth home would not survive. It’s important to learn about agriculture to not only know where your food is coming from, but how the industry works. For example, if there is a bad corn crop one year, the price of corn will shoot up. Supply and demand; it’s not too hard to understand, right? What most people don’t think about, however, is that the beef that we Americans love so much is raised primarily on corn. Thus, if the price of corn rises, the cost of raising beef rises, directly affecting beef prices at the grocery store. The agriculture industry is an enormous life cycle that most of us often overlook.

This blog is about taking a deeper look at the agriculture industry for the purpose of understanding more about the world as a whole.

 165784_1595866650963_7614881_n          topgun


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